Rootstock For Melon and Watermelon


  • Interspecific root stock: Shintoza (Maxima X Moshata)
  • Widely used for melon and watermelon to improve plant vigour on the early planting and to strengthen disease resistance.
  • Increases earliness and productivity.
  • Roots develop better, notably in cold conditions.
  • Offers resistance to certain soil borne diseases.
  • Resistances:
  • HR:  Fon: 0,1,2 (fusarium wilt) / Fom: 0,1,2 (fusariose) /
  • Vd (verticilium wilt) / Mi (root-knot) / Mj (root-knot)
  • IR:  Fom: 1-2 (fusarium wilt)

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